Wedding Movie Samples


This link will take you to a teaser video for a Wedding Movie that was still in post-production.  A few weeks before it was completed we released the teaser to give the Bride and Groom, their family and friends an idea of what to expect in the finished Wedding Movie.

Our current editing style is to condense the Wedding Movie down to a more polished and enjoyable feature, something like you would see on a TV show about a wedding, rather than the entire 90-minute full-length version that used to be more common.  However...

We do deliver multiple versions in several different lengths (including the full-length one).  Your friends will most likely prefer to watch the two shorter condensed versions, either the Highlights or the Condensed, whereas we still have to put it all together before we can even start condensing, so Mom and the Bride can still have the whole thing!

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